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Book no.1
Great Wizard Wars

The Great Wizard Wars

by Christina Clarry

The Great Wizard Wars is an exciting tale of the wars between good and evil armies of wizards and witches, which is ideal for fans of fantasy stories aged 7-11 years. 

Writing in a style reflective of Roald Dahl, Christina Clarry’s writing is brimming with gross humour, from the revolting smell of the characters to their foul and wacky habits. Full of ferocious dragons, unpredictable zilants and a zany snake, The Great Wizard Wars is sure to capture the imagination of your readers looking for an exciting and humorous fantasy story.

Wacky Wizard Wars front cover_edited_edi

The Wacky Wizard Wars by Christina Clarry & Maxine Alan-Hart

Maxine Alan-Hart and Christina Clarry have just published this book - their first published work together. Following this successful collaboration with Awlins illustrating, the team are planning further books... so keep checking in for updates!

Image by Seth Macey

Spot's Story - A work in progress

Spot's Story is the remarkable true life tale of Spot, a handsome liver chestnut horse.

     His past is reminiscent of the story of "Black Beauty". Beginning life as a young foal born to be a driving pony with his brother Porky, Spot outgrows his brother and cannot stay with him. The book joins Spot in the trials and tribulations of his troubled life. From being sold illegally and his original owner's desperate search across the UK for him, his chequered past means he is in danger again of being homeless. The book truly shines in the way it portrays the compassion people are capable of, and the beautiful bond between horse and human. 

     Filled with humour and the mischievous adventures of Spot and Porky, readers can't but help fall in love with the peevish pair. Their devilish good looks betraying their naughty nature, "Spot's Story" is sure to capture the hearts of children of around 8-12 years old who love all things horsey! 

Book no.2
Book no.3
cover-image TLRD paperback.jpg

The Little Rainbow Dragon

by Maxine Alan-Hart

The Little Rainbow Dragon is a uniquely illustrated book for children aged 4-6. Young children will love the little Rainbow Dragon finding out where he lives and who he is. He follows a magical path and meets colourful friends who help him feel the joy of life.

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