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"The Wacky Wizard Wars"  is the highly requested sequel to "The Great Wizard Wars". It is available as an ebook and paperback from all major UK book stores, and Amazon sites worldwide. 






Maxine was raised by a naturalist, farming family in Africa. This set her roots deeply in the natural world. Her passion for animal care and welfare led to a career in veterinary science. She graduated as a veterinary surgeon in 2003, and went on to complete a Masters in Wild Animal Health in the UK. Having travelled, worked as a vet and lived around the world, she is fascinated by human-animal interactions and how these vary across the world. She has a deep respect for different cultures and is inspired by the many acts of kindness, bravery and humility that she witnessed during this time. This has greatly influenced Maxine and her work.

     As a veterinary surgeon for 13 years, Maxine dedicated herself to improving her animal patients and their human companions’ understanding of them. Throughout her veterinary career, she devoted herself to learning, teaching, training and sharing her knowledge whenever possible. She has authored and co-authored several scientific papers and case reports that have been published in peer-reviewed publications in the veterinary field. 

     Currently, Maxine is taking a career break due to health issues and has turned her hand to fictional writing. She finds creative writing a wonderful medium of expression to ensnare and activate the imagination. She hopes to inspire children and young people through her writing with positive messages and by employing kindness and compassion in her stories.

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Christina writes children's books in the humorous fantasy genre.

Her style is Dahlesque. Children enjoy seeing grim and grotesque not-so-good characters come unstuck in hilarious ways.

She adds adventure, dragons, zany animals, mystical creatures and then mixes in modern androids, robots and drones.


The resulting books are magical and like no others.

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Awlins, a Canadian artist, has added some charming copyrighted illustrations to The Wacky Wizard Wars in her unique style.

Following this success, Diane has provided wonderful illustrations for The Little Rainbow Dragon. 


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Reviews from the readers

"I loved this [The Wacky Wizard Wars] just as much as book 1!"


"..a great book for early readers with an adorable cast of characters"


"I definitely recommend this book (and the book it is a sequel to) to be read. To be cherished."

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