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IBook released today!

It is with immense excitement and pride that I can announce the release of "The Wacky Wizard Wars" on Apple iBooks today! Only a few days in advance of the general release of the ebook and paperbacks on Amazon and all major bookstores, the adrenaline is running high.

The past few weeks have been, well, frenzied to say the least. With lots of obstacles to overcome with publisher errors, I am so relieved to see the iBook released looking so great. Anyone who may think that writing books is an easy career is sorely mistaken. The amount of hard work involved behind the scenes to get a story out in print is remarkable.

So it is with a huge sense of achievement and gratitude that the "writing" is complete. I am so thankful to my amazing friends, family and especially my incredible and resilient Mum for their support and love. Without them, it would never have happened!

The Wacky Wizard Wars is the hilarious sequel to The Great Wizard Wars and can be read as a stand-alone book. Outlandish Dahlesque characters are pitted against the magical young heroes and heroines of Obscura. Packed with action and wild adventures, it is sure to capture the imagination of fantasy and humour fans aged 8-11…

A power-mad, High Born witch forms a new army of wacky wizards and witches who lost the last war. It’s a tough job. This brainless bunch prefers to guzzle gibber juice and clobber each other rather than follow orders until a wicked wizard takes over.

The grumpy gang set off to wallop the highly advanced good wizards and witches, who keep trouncing them instead. Meanwhile, the smart side are producing a film about the ‘Great Wizard Wars’. Young witches and wizards starring in the film are in the very spot where the wicked warmongers land. Some are trapped.

Can their friends rescue them and change the course of this Wacky Wizard War?

Order yours today! Visit my website or for sales and more information.

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